Boston Film Festival Win

HOW TO START A REVOLUTION finally premiered at the 27th Boston Film Festival on Sunday September 18, 2011. Three of the people featured in the film Dr Gene Sharp, Col. Bob Helvey and Jamila Raqib joined a capacity audience for an emotionally charged screening at Boston’s Stuart Street Playhouse.

Many of the production team were also there including Ruaridh Arrow (in full Scottish kilt!), the editor Mike Crozier and the film’s producer Rick Shaw.

We had no idea what would happen or how the film would be received, it was the first time that it had been seen by anyone except the production team and our friends, families and work colleagues. But as the credits rolled the packed auditorium gave the film an amazing heart-stopping two minute standing ovation.

Ruaridh hosted a Q&A session with all three participants in the film and the entire audience stayed to listen to Gene, Bob and Jamila talk about the Albert Einstein Institution and the work they do.  It was amazing to see these three people who we have been looking at for so long in the edit suite come up on stage and talk about their work.

And at the end of the week the film walked away with Boston Film Festival’s prizes for BEST DOCUMENTARY 2011 and the 2011 MASS IMPACT AWARD.

More can be read on the Waging Non-Violence site here.